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Why use private jets?

Why use private jets? MAS East Midlands

Flying through the skies of the world is beautiful but even more so if the window from which you see the view is that of a private jet. Here's how much it costs to fly an hour and how the charter works.
2023-03-24, by Frank Flegg, Director at BNI East Midlands

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It's comfortable and cheap!

Travelling in luxury is not the only reason why a private jet is worthwhile. Compared to commercial flights, there are additional advantages. Efficiency and convenience are probably the best words to describe the pros. With charter flights, there is no need to transit through crowded airports. You avoid the normal inconveniences of large commercial airports: traffic and long queues.

There are also significant advantages if passengers depart from a commercial airport. In fact, they can get to park their car for free near the runway. Moreover, the passenger keeps his luggage with him and does not have to worry about it being stolen or lost. Finally, for those who always tend to arrive at the last minute... a private charter flight waits to take off until all passengers have arrived. Also, the private jet flight prices are not that high as one may expect!

Private jets connect Europe and the United States

This service is also becoming increasingly popular on the old continent. Europe is a popular destination for private jet charter travellers from all over the world. Europe's capital cities, rich in culture and art, are travel destinations for holidays or business.

Planning a trip to the United States? Consider requesting a free quote for charter flights on private jets departing from European capitals to the States.

For maximum flexibility with schedules and itineraries, be sure to select a provider with a wide range of empty legs and charter flights to Europe.

You can specify a specific date and time of the empty flight legs

The return departure time is determined taking into account the initial departure from the point of departure. Consequently, in most cases, empty leg flights are scheduled for a specific date and approximate time. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the customer who chartered the aircraft first sets its own rules, which means that the return flight can be changed.  Moreover, The cost of Empty legs flights can be even lower that a typical business class ticket.

The flight time can be selected if the next flight falls in the afternoon. Therefore, the Empty Legs flight can be scheduled for the first half of the same day, as well as the evening before. There are situations in which the main customer at the last moment changes the flight time, respectively, also changes the time of Empty Legs. Automatically cancelling the main flight means cancelling the empty legs.

Important! Empty leg flights - a good option for those who are flexible enough.

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