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Which is the best laptop for computer science

Which is the best laptop for computer science MAS East Midlands

If you only use your computer at home, the desktop is the best choice: it costs less, you can repair and improve it, unlike laptops which are less repairable and improvable.
2022-10-08, by Frank Flegg, Director at BNI East Midlands

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The computer science degree, or its sister the computer engineering degree, gives you a lot of theory and little practice, a lot of maths and physics, it can be a stepping stone but then you have to jump in and learn to swim on your own by inventing a career.

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If you need it for programming, paradoxically, even a Pentium 2mmx might do, or rather, I don't want to exaggerate a Celeron, but with plenty of RAM and a reliable disk. I'd choose a silent machine (fans break your soul when you work) but it should be of a professional setting, even used ones you can find notebooks that are tanks and cost two cents. The discourse changes, even a lot, if you want to play with it, then you need a Workstation monster with core i9 64gb of ram and an Nvidia Tesla video card but you'll have to use headphones to isolate yourself from the jet cooling system and take out a mortgage to pay for it.

I used a 2010 imac with 4gb of ram and an intel i3. Never a complaint(after waiting 10 minutes for power up a splinter) when you learn to program especially in C it's not like you need that many resources. So you see whether it's programming as it was for me at such a basic level that literally any computer would do or more advanced programming. It was comfortable especially on a psychological level to have it fixed, it literally became my window to the world


Make sure the laptop you choose has a comfortable keyboard! The best computer laptops will have backlit keyboards, which make typing easier in low-light settings.


A good touchpad is essential for computer science students. It should be large enough to allow easy navigation and have multi-touch functionality (so you can use gestures such as pinch to zoom).


Most computer science graduates will need to use USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports on a regular basis. Make sure that any computer you choose has at least two USB ports (three or more are best).

What is Computer Science about

Databases. For backenders, it's the Lord's Prayer. SQL, queries, tables, one-to-many links, 1-to-1, many-to-many, migrations. What are relational databases, non-relational databases. Which databases are better to use and why. This is the section we cannot do without.

Software architecture. I've mentioned before that it's not enough for a program just to work. It must work effectively. It must be efficient not only in the sense of performance. It is important to be able to write high quality code which is easy to maintain and extend. Serious programming is a complex iterative process, often a commode. Therefore, a well-designed program will make your life and the lives of other developers better. You have to understand the architecture of software and competent use of design patterns (GoF, GRASP, Enterprise). In addition, it would not hurt to learn common practices (SOLID, KISS, DRY, etc.)

An important note. Mathematics, in particular logic, combinatorics, discreteness is also part of Computer Science. So briefly. Mathematics is cool. Mathematics is definitely needed, but not for everyone and not always. In general, mathematics for a programmer this topic is quite vast and controversial, deserving a separate detailed conversation. Therefore, I did not include it here. However, I keep it in the loop.

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