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Dua Lipa fantastic biography

Dua Lipa fantastic biography MAS East Midlands

All details about Dua Lipa, starting from her childhood and up to famous Dua Lipa Onlyfans leaks. Today we'll talk about a really outstanding Internet personality. What are her plans for 2023?
2022-11-29, by Frank Flegg, Director at BNI East Midlands

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Dua Lipa is a popular British singer from Kosovo. Model, author and performer of her own songs.

This singer began as a performer of cover versions of famous compositions, in order to demonstrate her own creativity to the audience a few years later. Now the name of Dua Lipa is known all over the world, she is the owner of a deep, non-standard voice and attractive appearance. She is one of those girls who do not like to be modest. Almost every image of her contains at least one provocative detail (especially regarding the leaked photos where we can see Dua Lipa almost naked: (Dua Lipa) Dua can put on a transparent top, under which there will be the same transparent underwear, and at the same time feel quite natural and relaxed.


Dua Lipa was born in London, Westminster on August 22, 1995. Her family are Kosovo ethnic Albanians who left Pristina in the 1990s. Parents seriously approached the choice of a name for their daughter, in the translation of Dua means “I love”, “I want”, “I hope”.

The parents noticed the creative abilities of their daughter as a child, so they took the girl to Sylvia Young, to a theater school. Over the years, Amy Winehouse, Rita Ora, Sarah Harrison, and many other talented young people studied acting there. The girl received an excellent knowledge base, thanks to which she was able to enter four prestigious universities at the same time.

In 2008, Dua was taken back to Kosovo by her parents. At that time she was twelve years old. However, Lipa did not stay in her homeland for a long time, at the age of fifteen she returned to London. The girl decided that this city offers more opportunities for the development of creativity than Kosovo. The future singer did not have her own housing, and she lived with her childhood friends.

Since childhood, Dua has been surrounded by music. Her father, Dukagjin Lipa, was once a popular rock musician. The girl loved to listen to songs performed by him, and she herself saw herself exclusively on stage with a microphone. But when Dua tried to become a member of the school choir, she was rejected, as they said, because of her "low and ugly" voice. Since then, Lipa has been taking vocal lessons at home.

At sixteen, Dua entered the modeling business. With her height of 173 cm, weight of 58 kg and extraordinary appearance, this was not difficult. She was involved in the filming of commercials, television commercials and promotional videos. At the same time, the girl tried to break into the music scene, but did not progress further than to the role of a restaurant singer. So the girl earned her living.

Linden is a bright adherent of everything natural, she strives to be natural and feminine, categorically rejects plastic. There were times when her figure was far from ideal parameters, but even then Dua did not rush to the doctors for help, she put herself in order, and confidently went into the modeling business. Dua Lipa's idol is Marilyn Monroe, she tries to be like her in many ways.

The girl believes that she has advanced towards her dream only exclusively in character. She began to play sports, and was able to lose weight to the right size. Later, she kept her weight normal also because of the busy schedule of concerts.


Lipa never betrayed her dream, she stubbornly approached her step by step. At the age of fourteen, she first recorded cover versions of popular songs, and posted them on the YouTube channel. She sang songs by Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Pink.

At the beginning of her creative biography, the girl thought about a pseudonym, but then decided to perform under her real name. Her first author's composition, called New Love, appeared in 2015, when the singer was only twenty years old. Some time later, she pleased the listeners with her second single - Be The One, which instantly gained popularity in many European countries. Lipa co-wrote this song with Lucy Pous Taylor.

In the same year, 2015, Dua began work on her first album, which included her own compositions, with the exception of one - Be The One. The girl included it in the release only because she loved this song very much.

Show business was shocked by such a rapid breakthrough of a young Albanian. Quickly enough, Lipa found herself on the musical Olympus. After the composition Be The One was first heard, all her subsequent works instantly occupied the top positions of the charts. And Dua began to be called the most promising singer, she was on the Sound of ... list, and in 2016 she went on a big European tour, including around the cities of Great Britain.

At the very beginning of 2017, Lipa and a very young but already well-known Dutch DJ Martin Garrix recorded a joint track called Scared To Be Lonely. The main leitmotif of this composition is loneliness together.

After some time, a video was released, recorded for this song. The shooting involved Dua and Martin. Music connoisseurs noted that, despite their young age, the musicians have incredible professionalism, they managed to shoot a very sensual video clip. Literally on the day the video was released, its views on YouTube reached the million mark.

In the summer of 2017, the singer presented her first album to fans. She did not come up with an intricate name for him, everything is very simple, he bears her name - Dua Lipa. At the same time, the singer recorded a new composition - New Rules, which became not only a super hit, but also another breakthrough in her musical career. And again the first position in all English charts.

Lipa repeated the success of another performer - Adele, who, with her 2015 composition Hello, occupied all the leading positions of all radio stations. For two years, only Adele and Lipa managed to take such high places. After they shot a video for the song New Rules, which scored a record number of views on the Web - one billion. The song became so popular that it was listened to not only in the UK, but also far beyond its borders. Dozens of countries played this hit on the air of their radio stations.

2017 turned out to be a very creative year for the young singer. Dua received an invitation to participate in one of the most prestigious music festivals of the year - Glastonbury, which takes place in England. In December of the same, 2017, Lipa took first place in the Spotify rating - her compositions turned out to be the most listened to music lovers in the UK.

In 2018, another triumph happened in the singer's creative biography - she received the BRIT Awards music award in two categories at once. Dua won Best British Female Solo Artist and Best British Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

In the spring of the same year, the singer announced that she was recording her second studio album. This time, the girl worked in tandem with the British singer and composer Uzo Emenike, who performs under the pseudonym MNEK.

Lipa had already collaborated with this Nigerian, they worked together to create a composition called IDGAF. Dua often brings outside musicians to work. For example, in April of the same year, her new song One Kiss was released, which the girl wrote in collaboration with the Scottish artist Calvin Harris.

The author of another composition - Kiss and Make Up is also not only Dua Lipa, the female group BlackPink also had a hand in its creation. In addition, the joint work of Lipa and singer Ariana Grande was released, but the fans did not hear the track called Bad to you. Dua says she just doesn't have enough time to finish it.

In June of the same year, Lipa came to her Russian fans, gave a concert in Moscow, at the Crocus City Hall. It was her first visit to Russia, and the singer hopes not the last. Dua gives not only solo concerts, she is also invited to joint performances. Anne Marie, Tom Jones, Rita Ora visited the stage next to the talented singer.

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For a long time there was no information about the personal life of the popular singer, she carefully hid it from outsiders. Fans said that one of the musicians of One Direction, namely Harry Styles, is not indifferent to Dua. But he did not wait for reciprocity from Lipa. Fans were sure that the performer had a romantic relationship with the lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, with whom she worked together to create one of the compositions. It was said that Martin Garrix fell under her spell, but these rumors remained unconfirmed.

In 2017, the girl opened the veil of her personal relationships. It turned out that her lover's name is Paul Klein, he is also a musician from the Los Angeles band Lany. However, this relationship was short-lived, after a few months they broke up. After that, the chef and model Isaac Carew were seen next to Dua. Their romance was quite stormy, with partings and truces, and finally ended by the summer of 2019.

Lipa really likes tattoos, by her twentieth birthday the girl has already managed to get five pictures, and she believes that this is not the limit. Charity is not alien to the singer. While still a little-known singer, Dua and her father became the organizers of a foundation that provides assistance to the inhabitants of her historical homeland - Kosovo.

In 2019, netizens read official information about Dua Lipa's new chosen one. It turned out to be Anwar Hadid, brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid. The young man succeeded in the modeling business. For the first time, the couple came out during the British Summer Time festival, held in London.

Anwar bleached his hair, and to support her beloved, Dua also turned into a blonde. The girl posted a photo with a new hairstyle on her Instagram page. Fans of the singer reacted with enthusiastic comments left by them under the picture. The artist herself said that this is not just a change of image, but a new era in her life.


Currently, a young talented singer is on her way to the international musical Olympus. The most important event of 2019 for her is the two Grammy statuettes received for winning in the categories of best new artist and best dance recording.

Later, the Yves Saint Laurent brand offered Dua a lucrative contract, according to which the performer advertises the new product of this company - the new fragrance of Libre women's perfume.

In the autumn of the same year, her new single was released, called Don't Start Now. It instantly appeared on the top step in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the spring of 2020, the singer recorded another studio album, Future Nostalgia, and posted video clips shot on the songs Physical and Break My Heart on her YouTube channel.

In the same 2020, the singer began to develop in a completely different direction, she released a bikini collection with her own portrait. Photos of Lipa in these swimsuits soon graced her Instagram page.


While visiting Russia, Dua gave a concert not only to the audience of Crocus City Hall. The girl climbed to the roof of the metropolitan hotel The Ritz-Garlton, and pleased the fans with an impromptu acoustic concert. A recording of this performance soon appeared on the Web. Lipa says that this performance inspired her a lot, she is especially delighted with the majestic panorama of the Russian capital.
The singer told reporters that she works in a rare genre - dark pop. It is in this genre that dance and melodic compositions are created that have a deep meaning.


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