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Best Tv Under 300

Best Tv Under 300 MAS East Midlands

It is difficult to choose a TV - something new comes out every year, but major technical publications more or less regularly write about flagship models that manufacturers are interested in promoting.
2022-06-01, by Frank Flegg, Director at BNI East Midlands

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But when choosing models of the budget and middle segment, you have to rely only on reviews and tables with characteristics on the manufacturer's website, which are far from always easy to understand. We studied the current market for 4K TVs and made some general recommendations on what you should pay attention to when choosing.

In this guide, we will focus on the main TV for the living room, leaving out models smaller than 48 inches. Also, all of the above options meet the requirements for games - they have a small input lag, a fairly fast response, and some support adaptive synchronization and an increased refresh rate, regarding the Best Tv Under 300.

Best Tv Under 300

We won't go into detail about what adaptive sync (VRR) is, how "input lag" differs from "response time" and what HDR standards are. If these terms are not familiar to you, we have placed links in the text to the necessary explanations from our guide to choosing a gaming monitor.

Before moving on to discussing specific models, we will answer a few important questions that will help you decide what level of model is best for you.

A lot depends on where the TV is.
The size and shape of the room, the level of illumination and its purpose seriously affect the choice of diagonal, matrix type and SmartTV system level.

What size should the screen be?

The field of view of a person is divided into zones, and the image on the screen should not get into the area of ​​​​peripheral vision. To calculate the optimal viewing distance, you need to multiply the screen diagonal by 1.2, and then convert to centimeters (1 inch = 2.54 cm). Divide the distance in centimeters by 3.05 to find the maximum diagonal in inches from the seated distance.

"Smart" models with good sound help save space

If you don’t have room for a cabinet with equipment, choose a “smarter” TV. Smart TV systems support online cinema applications, can open websites in a browser, play files from an external drive or network storage, and even stream games from the cloud or from a home PC. This will save you from having to place additional equipment under the TV, and with good speakers, you can not think about an external audio system.

See also: Wikipedia.


In details, the technologies are slightly different, but their effect is approximately the same. These TVs are capable of displaying full HDR with high brightness and a wide range of visible hues. The main difference comes down to the fact that QLED is produced by Samsung based on VA, while Nano IPS is developed by LG Display.

The most expensive TV technology is OLED. The panel consists of millions of OLEDs, each of which emits its own light of any desired shade.

These TVs are very thin, produce "perfect" blacks and provide the most impressive HDR on the market due to the ability to work out details equally well in the light and in the dark, even within the same frame.

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