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Best electric bike under $2000

Best electric bike under $2000 MAS East Midlands

Electric bicycles are a convenient and environmentally friendly transport for the city. Many models are as compact and lightweight as possible so that they can be folded and carried with you. But there are also models for sports driving and even transporting small loads. Find out how to choose the best e-bike
2022-05-28, by Frank Flegg, Director at BNI East Midlands

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xDevice xBicycle 14

xDevice xBicycle 14 is another folding electric bike for the city. This is an updated model in which the manufacturer tried to take into account all the wishes of users. Designed for an adult biker weighing no more than 120 kg. Typical urban model with a rigid fork, no cushioning. Small diameter 14" wheels are good for paved surfaces. Only one speed, as the bike is a pleasure bike. Brake system with disc mechanical brakes. The electric motor is endowed with a power of 250 watts. Battery capacity 7.8 Ah. Features include a phone holder with a charging function. Mileage up to 60 km, but there are nuances. It charges in about 4.5 hours.

Himo C20

This is designed for easy trips around the city if your weight does not exceed 100 kg. This is the maximum load that this bike can withstand. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy. The vein is rigid, there is no depreciation. So, driving through bumpy natural terrain is not the best solution. Mechanical disc brakes. A total of six speeds are controlled by a Shimano rear derailleur. Equipped with a 250 W motor, 10 Ah battery capacity. It takes 6 hours to charge in total. The steering wheel and pedals are foldable.

Manufacturer's or seller's warranty

A long warranty period speaks primarily about the quality of the product. The manufacturer will not assume any obligation to preserve the integrity of the device if he is not sure of its reliability. A quality bike has a warranty period of at least 1 year.


Often the main selection criterion, since almost every buyer has limitations. The cost of bikes depends on the quality and functionality. The more worthy the technical characteristics of the device, the higher the price.

Before buying, it is recommended to objectively evaluate the capabilities of the model and compare them with the cost. The best choice would be a model with a favorable price-quality ratio.

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