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Black nails 2022

Black nails 2022 MAS East Midlands

But times are changing, and with them fashion. To date, the black color on the nails has become very popular among the fairer sex.
2021-12-21, by Frank Flegg, Director at BNI East Midlands

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Thanks to the black color, the rub becomes richer, the cat's eye is deeper, and the geometry is more elegant. And monotonous neat Black Nail perfectly fit into a modern style.

Black manicure for different nail shapes

Black gel polish is beautiful because it can be applied to any shape and length. And it will always be beautiful. Almost any wardrobe has black clothes and accessories, and even a small dark belt at the waist will come to life in combination with a black manicure.

Given the fashion for minimalism, the most relevant will be a solid color on short square nails and almonds. Nevertheless, the designs in combination with black are simply stunning, and we are forced to make an exception and succumb to these alluring drawings and sparkles.

For short nails

Black color on short nails is practical and stylish. In everyday life, we are constantly floating between different roles. Work, children, going out, whoever you need to be, black short nails will be in the theme.

The beauty of short nails is that they will not look tasteless even when you decide to go out for a run in a tracksuit, or take a walk with your dog in the evening in your favorite warm cardigan.

For long nails

So that the black color does not look vulgar on long nails, it is important to choose the right shape, and treat it with due attention. The black color accentuates the shortcomings of the nail plate.

Unfortunately, few people can boast of perfect black nails, when they grow back, they often curl on the sides, or inside. If you decide to do a black manicure, ask your master to cut and correct the shape to the perfect result, and only after that you can afford a black coating.

When choosing a design, keep in mind that long black nails themselves will attract the attention of others, and give preference to more diluted designs. Such as glitter, geometry, minimalism, French, holes.

On sharp nails

We will not advise owners of sharp nails to be more modest. After all, modest women do not wear such a bold uniform. No matter how society treats such a form, no one will deny that black and sharp nails are simply created for each other. Black nails are a great field for experimentation. Fiery drawings, art paintings, stones, all this, on a sharp form in black, is simply fascinating.

Frank Flegg

Frank Flegg contributor to
Director at BNI East Midlands
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