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Best gas grills under $500

Best gas grills under $500 MAS East Midlands

The Royal 340 doesn’t have a back wall at the base of the grill, just an open space. The Monarch 340 has a steel panel on the back.
2022-06-30, by Frank Flegg, Director at BNI East Midlands

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Broil King Monarch 340 best gas grills under 500

This is an improved version of the Royal 340 grill. It is almost the same size, but it has several important differences that justify the higher price and make the purchase of the Monarch 340 a more rational decision.

  • 1. The Monarch 340 grill has a two-layer oven lid; it is of a different shape and much larger, which allows you to bake, for example, a chicken that will stand upright on a stand with beer. The Royal 340 has a single-layer lid and it is lower, the space under it is smaller.
  • 2. Monarch 340 has thick reversible grills: the rod is made in the shape of a triangle and on its lower edge there is a groove for the juice flowing from the ingredients to bake juicy chicken or tender fish. The Royal 340 has thinner grilles and they are one-sided.
  • 3. The Monarch 340 has an additional heating grate covered with porcelain enamel. The Royal 340 has it in uncoated stainless steel.
  • 4. The Monarch 340 has a gas burner made using Dual Tube technology, that is, a tube in a tube, for a more even distribution of the flame and, accordingly, the heat in the oven. The Royal 340 burner is a tube with holes on both sides.

Broil King Monarch 340 has the same folding tables (on one of them there is a gas burner), the same plastic bottom with a socket for installing a 24.5 l cylinder; two large and two small wheels. The power of the main burners is the same as that of the Broil King Royal 340 - 8.8 kW and  many other best gas grills under 500 reviewed by our experts.

Napoleon Legend-410 best gas grills under 500

With one foot in this and the other in the next category is the Napoleon Legend-410 gas grill. The size of its grate is 59x43 cm, the power is 14.8 kW. This grill is an enlarged version of the Legend-325. The execution of almost all elements is identical.

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